My audience for my magazine is a very specific one. In today’s music market it is full of pop and processed music. The genre of rock is dying out (which I have shown in my research into my chosen music scene). The audience range is then isolated, and you have to be a fan of rock to be interested in my magazine. Although the genres of pop and rap are becoming ever more popular, I believe that rock music still has a firm following. From the parents who grew up listening to bands such as ‘The Beatles’, ‘Led Zeppelin’ and ‘Pink Floyd’ who then pass on their taste to their children and so on.

In various interviews in rock magazines that I have read have shown interviews with ‘rock stars’ that say that their music taste was passed down to them by their parents, and when they finally find a band that is new to them, the music taste really begins to excel. One of my sub genres for the magazine is metal, and from experience metal fans are also narrow minded and are ignorant to other types of music.

I have decided that I would use all of the main genres associated around rock and then all of the subgenres. This is too satisfy everyone’s need, and ultimately allowing the audience to expand. The age range of my magazine is a wide range, it can start from pre-teens to teenagers of when their keen taste in music begins, to the older audience, who are the parents and grew up listening to the music. It can also work in a way that parents can read it, as they are interested in what their children are reading.


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