The age range of my magazine is a wide range, it can start from pre-teens to teenagers of when their keen taste in music begins, to the older audience, who are the parents and grew up listening to the music. It can also work in a way that parents can read it, as they are interested in what their children are reading.

As I had now finished my practical production – and as mentioned in my earlier post – I had created a secondary questionnaire on:, I then handed out packs of my final production so they could view my work and then fill out the questionnaire. I asked students, colleagues, friends, work friends, family, and teachers to fill this out for me.

Questionnaire Responses.

In my post before I explained that I had created a questionnaire on the website: I decided to reuse this medium as I found it effective during the first run of feedback when I was in the preliminary stages of my projects. The aim for this run of result findings was to get an overview on what people made of my magazine and their own personal views on it. The results I received were over a period, and the responses I received were from teachers, friends, work colleagues, fellow students as well as family. I managed to receive 30 responses and below I will be analyzing my findings.

Using the online website “Survey Monkey” had its positives and its negatives. The positive were that I was able to distribute my questionnaire to a wider range of people, and is quick and easy to make and to fill out. The negatives being that you could answer one questionnaire on each device. For example if I had the questionnaire up on a computer and filled it out, I would now not be able to fill it in again. I found this to be a negative as I could have been able to have the questionnaire open on one device and got as many people – in my class or friends – as I could to come to this computer to fill it out.

I also handed out paper copies of the same questionnaire which was entirely negative as almost every copy I received back had been crumpled up, had drawings on and were not answered sufficiently providing me with useless feedback.

All the images displayed in the post can be enlarged – simply by clicking on the image itself.

Question 1:

What is your gender?

This is an important question that every questionnaire begins with. It allows the author to put their findings into a criteria depending on the genres. The amount of replies I received was fairly even and it allows me to view how each gender viewed my magazine.

Female: 13

Male: 15


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 2:

Which group does your age range fall into?

This question – similar to Q1 – is always at the beginning of a questionnaire it is needed to judge who you are getting these responses from. As I received responses from a range of people my results are completely varied but the majority being the ’17-19′ category.

14-16: 3

17-19: 12

20-25: 7

26-30: 2

30+: 4


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 3:

What rating would you give my work from a scale of 1-5, 1 being bad, and 5 being good?

I decided to ask this question to get an average rating of my video, I originally planned to do the question from 1-10, but decided this was too large a range and would have been harder to narrow it down into a number, so I stuck to 1-5. The results I received were a mixture, as I received votes for all categories from 2-5. One person thought it was a 2 out of 5, I like this type of criticism as it is honest and gives us a true insight and gives a real view of how the magazine was received, there were 5 votes for 3, this was then the real numbers began to grow when it hit 4 and 5. This is where a lot of my results fell; this is very humbling, as I believe it still has the honesty and truthful factor. The most votes however was 5 at 13 people, I believe if this had been taken by people who did not know me, my results would be marginally different, as they can be biased.

1: 0

2: 1

3: 5

4: 9

5: 13


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 4:

Was there anything you specifically liked about it?

I wanted to ask this question and give it a basic yes and no answer to make the answering simple but then allow the person answering the question a comment box in case they wanted to explain why. Unfortunately I only received 11 comments from the 28 who took the questionnaire. The comments I did receive were of an array of answers, which is a very positive piece of feedback about my production. I feel this question isn’t given the suitable closure however that the people who answered no, may have really liked the work but answered no as there wasn’t anything that they specifically enjoyed.

Yes: 20

No: 8

If so, what was it that you liked?

  • Pictures
  • Design
  • All
  • Pictures/Design
  • Structure
  • The book idea
  • Pictures
  • Layout
  • The design
  • Eye catching and looks like it’s a real magazine
  • The images


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 5:

Was there anything you did not like?

This links in with the previous question but allowed room for a critical feedback. I opened it up once again with a yes and no option and a comment box for them to explain what they did not like. Unfortunately again only 3 people commented out of 28, which didn’t give me the intended results. No there was not anything they disliked was the winner by a long, which is very positive, as many people didn’t find bits they did not like.

Yes: 5

No: 23

If so, what was it that you disliked?

  • Layout
  • Fonts
  • The story of the double page


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 6:

Did you think my magazine fit my genre stylistically?

I wanted to see if my production had been produced in a way that was professional, and could easily be identified as a rock magazine. The answer options I gave were “Yes”, “No” and “Not Sure”. Out of my 28 responses, 22 people answered yes as they perceived it through connotation in some cases and denotation in others to be a “Rock” magazine. The 5 people who answered “Not sure” back this up.

Yes: 22

No: 1

Not sure: 5


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 7:

Was my magazine eye catching?

This question works in conjunction with the previous question I asked. I wanted to see if my production had been produced in a way that was professional, and could easily be identified. The answer options I gave were “Yes”, “A little” and “No”. Out of my 28 responses, 25 people answered yes which was a very desirable outcome. It showed a very positive view of my magazine.

Yes: 25

A little: 2

No: 1


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 8:

Did my magazine look professional?

I wanted to ask this question so as to see how professional it was, and whether it would look out of place if it were played on a magazine stand. The options I gave the recipients were: “Yes”, “A little bit” and “Not at all”. I received responses for each option. The winner however with 22 answers was yes.

Yes: 22

A little: 4

No: 2


28 Responses

2 Invalid responses

Question 9:

Any comments, praises or criticisms?

I decide to add this question in even though the question had been asked already, was because like my results have shown not everyone would supply me an answer in the comment box, so including this question is almost tricking them into giving me a response. I simply supplied an essay box that they were able to fill out. Obviously I received some stupid answers, but there were some interesting comments, which gave me answers to previous questions.

  • Good!
  • Rad!
  • Very good
  • Looks professional
  • Well designed and looks professional
  • Cool man
  • Make more pages
  • Nope
  • ??
  • Very good work
  • coooool
  • Good attempt
  • Id like to see another
  • It looked like it could be sold in a shop
  • Sucks
  • yeh bruv
  • Well done mate
  • Very creative.

9 Responses

Taking all of the invalid responses out of this, I have learnt that I gained a lot of positives from the feedback, and far more positive than negative, although the negative critiques is what I am looking for.


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