I will start from the beginning of my project, and analyse how media technologies have helped in the construction of my work. I began working on all of my research, which was put together onto my blog. I used the blogging website: WordPress (the website/blog you are on now). WordPress allowed me to put all of my information and work in one place, allowing me to categorize the pieces, as well as allowing me to go back and edit it any time I wanted to. It works almost as a diary of everything I have learnt leading up to the final production. I will be going into each stage of my project and what media technologies have been used.


I then began the initial research into music magazines to give myself an insight into the background. Without the use of the Internet this would not have been possible. I began with the history of music magazines and a basic music industry essay.


I used Wikipedia, Google and books on the music industry to find the information that I used throughout the first few initial stages. Wikipedia provides a basic overview of what I was looking into to, but cannot be entirely reliable as it can be changed anonymously and cannot truly trust everything on there. I would then use Google to find external sources of information on the topic I have searched for on the posts on the blog I have mentioned where I found my research. I would then be able to cross-reference the information on Wikipedia, to justify whether the info was in fact correct. Another website I used frequently was: Slideshare. This again could be reliable but it was put into basic understandable terms.




The second media institute I used was existing music magazines that are available on the shelves now; this allowed me to categorize the genres and begin my understand as to what goes into each genre that makes it successful


I used the survey website – to conduct research on the viewing habits of music magazines (as well as paper copies) I Did thus so I could gain an insight into what they would expect as well as asking what they would recommend what they would like to see. I used Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to gather my results together and put them into graphs and charts so my information was easier to process. Without doing this – I would not have found out what people would expect to see and what they would like – it was extremely beneficial when it came to the production of my own work.





As I had conducted all of my research in the research phase of my project, I began working on pre-production. This began with drafting out ideas as by hand. I did plans on what each page would look like as well as drafting out titles. I then scanned the images back onto my computer. I did this simply with my home printer, I placed the paper under the tray at the top of the printer and chose the scan onto computer option. I then drew out shot listings and storyboarding – this was also scanned onto the computer using the same method.

FRONT COVER 3PIXMA_MG4250_FRT_Default_tcm14-944105

I also predominantly used the software Microsoft Word. I used this to write my own feature as well. The software was a lot easier to use than doing it by hand, as it implemented spell check in areas I had made minor spelling mistakes, and it was a lot quicker. I again used Microsoft word to conduct a shooting plan, and to update it as I filmed each segment. This helped me stay on track, and to cover everything I needed to fit into the magazine. I would use my printer on the day of shooting and print out the shooting plan for that section and take it with me to the shoot, I would use it and then act in the moment and take shots I thought I could add in or things that could work.



The camera I used for the majority of my work throughout this course was this Canon camera shown below. This was apart from a few occasions when I used my iPhone when I did not have this camera available. On one occasion the application: Snapchat was used for an image that is displayed on my contents page.





The computer I used for the majority of my work throughout this course was my iMac that I have at home. This was apart from a few occasions when I did my work on another iMac at school or using Photoshop – the software I sued to edit all of my original images – on the Windows computers at school.


I used the software Microsoft Publisher to make my magazine pages, this was much better than using Microsoft Word – which I had previously done – as it allowed me to manipulate and move images a lot easier than Microsoft Word has allowed to do so.


I used the survey website – again to conduct research on what people thought of my magazine. I also used paper copies and handed them out to colleagues/friends/family. I felt this had a negative influence as almost every copy I received back had been crumpled up, had drawings on and were not answered sufficiently providing me with useless feedback.

When it came to this analysis I again used Microsoft Word to type it out.


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